What Are Unique Electrical Repairs

Posted on: Oct 17, 2017

Electrical repairs are not always cut and dry, nor are they always routine. There is more to repairing electrical connections than restoring damaged power outlets or correcting faulty wiring behind drywall. As homes become more and more technologically advanced, the electrical grid within a home moves right along with it. Due to this, you may need unique or custom electrical repairs in OKC. If this is something you’re in need of, Airco Service is here to assist.

Home Entertainment System

Having a home theater is an exciting home upgrade. It also takes extensive electrical wiring for everything to work. With the assortment of speakers installed into walls with hidden components, if something fails you need a professional to come in and diagnose the situation. Without a professional trained in unique electrical repairs, you’ll be going at the repair blind. This also holds true with CAT wiring.


Lighting is far more advanced than just a few years ago. While many homes still rely on a traditional wiring setup, others rely on controls powered by wireless technology while connecting to smart hubs in the house, giving you more direct control over each lighting fixture within the house. As more and more lighting appliances connect not only to electrical wiring but also use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, it takes increasingly expert knowledge of how “smart” homes are designed to make sure everything is functioning correctly, following a repair.

Home Remodels

There is something exciting about a home remodel. You are giving the house a facelift and making it more in line with your own, personal desires for the home. Depending on the home remodel, you may need electrical work. Exact job requirements will vary depending on what kind of home remodel you’re doing. From turning a standard basement into an entertainment area and bedroom, or if you decide to remodel your kitchen, you will need electrical work done to your property. So, if you’re planning a home remodel, make sure you bring in the professionals at Airco Service before construction. This way, proper wiring can be established before the remodel begins.

Whether you’re in need of unique electrical repairs in OKC for your home theater or you’re setting up a new smart electrical system and need assistance in the process, the team at Airco Service is here to help. So make sure to reach out to the pros and contact them today.