Maintenance is Key for Heat Pump Productivity! | Airco Service

Posted on: Oct 12, 2017

While both the economic and environmental benefits of heat pumps are well covered before taking the decision to install them, you may be forgetting another critical consideration. Though perhaps less exciting than the technical workings and cost savings they offer, heat pump maintenance is key to the success of your unit. Here are just three reasons why heat pump maintenance is something you should have covered, both for your business and your home.

Run Time. Did you know that, on average, your heat pump is actively being used approximately 1400 hours per year? That is a considerable amount of time and, like running any other machine, has an impact on how you should formulate your service plan. Think of it like this: the more often you drive, the more often your oil and tyre checks should occur. It’s the same principal for heat pump maintenance and to keep it running like new, it’s important.

Costs. Making sure that your heat pump is working well is vital to keeping your overall heating costs down. Heat pumps offer long-term savings, however, in order to realize these to their full potential, the system needs to be maintained. In short, the quality of your heat pump maintenance is as important to your saving ability as the initial decision to install it. As the expression goes, “A penny saved, a pound earned”.  You could amend it slightly to think of the cost savings down the road for a sensible investment in maintenance now.

Comfort. We tend to be creatures of comfort; having our rooms at the right temperature is must. It has a huge impact on how we feel and how well we work. How long would a customer or client stay engaged with your product or service when, while you are describing it to them, all they can think of is the jacket they left in the car! How would your team react? The impact on productivity and moral when people start getting sick is clear.

If you have not thought of your heat pump lately, perhaps you should speak to one of our experts. Since 1961 AirCo Service have been installing, maintaining and repairing heating and air conditioning units big and small. Oklahoma has relied on our expertise for more than half a century; maybe it’s time you gave us a call to see if your heat pump maintenance needs have been met!