Avoid Common Causes Of House Fires | Expert Electrical Repair

Posted on: Jan 03, 2017

Over 20,000 houses burn down each year due to electrical failures within the home, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Surprisingly, a large number of them were not covered by the insurance policies homeowners paid to cover their residence. Lack of coverage for faulty wiring is specifically stated in the fine print of insurance policies. (Have you checked yours?)

The most common months for electrical fires are December and January. The culprits are often extra heaters throughout the home. Some lighting issues have caused fires. So…maybe it’s time to check your home’s electrical systems.


Homes over 20 years old need evaluation. Modern appliances require more power. Computers, televisions and many other devices are used throughout the home now that were not used years ago. Older wiring just cannot handle the higher capacity. Breakers should pop when overloaded and outdated boxes should be replaced.

Extension Cords

These are meant for temporary use, such as for a vacuum cleaner. If used more frequently, an outlet should be installed. It is recommended to use professionals for outlet additions, as numerous homeowners find themselves in the hospital when performing such electrical repairs themselves.

Space Heaters

Do NOT use extension cords. Space heaters draw too much power. And never remove the extra prong to make the cord fit more easily.

Light Fixtures

Changing a light bulb is easy, but it can cause a fire if the wattage is too high for the lamp to handle, though it is not obvious. During your electrical repair procedure, be sure to check the bulbs in every lamp throughout your home.

Outlets / Appliances

Switches, appliance cords, and electrical outlets are often the villains of electrical fires. Check all appliances for frayed cords. Cords should NOT be strung under carpets or throw rugs. During your regularly-scheduled electrical repair routine, check each outlet.

Electrical Repair

Why risk your family’s safety? Take the time for a walk-through around your home to see what electrical repair projects are required. And then call in a professional. At Airco Service, we are deeply saddened when a house fire erupts. Because it could have been prevented. And ironically, some fires are caused by homeowners trying to save money by performing electrical repairs themselves.

Saving money is great, but NOT not when it puts lives at risk. Don’t become a statistic. Give us a call today and keep your family safe.