Follow Your Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist & Save Money

Posted on: Dec 29, 2016

Proper heat pump maintenance saves up to 25% on heating and cooling bills. You also feel added comfort in your home. Oklahoma is pretty chilly this time of year, so you want to keep your living space warm and snug!

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

The most common heat pump failure is caused by clogged air filters. Make the effort to keep your unit running at high performance with these simple steps:


  • Replace the air filter regularly. Each room differs in amount of dust, so check the filter often until you know what schedule you should follow. When in doubt, replace or clean it every month.
  • Check the outdoor coils each month and after every storm.
  • Remove any clutter or plant debris from around the outside unit regularly.
  • Check the registers inside regularly and clean as necessary – both the supply and return.
  • Straighten bent fins on your registers.


Unless you are a talented handyman/woman, it is usually less expensive to hire a professional for the following tasks. Repairing or replacing broken parts or having the whole system shut down can quickly escalate your cost.

  • Inspect and diagnose any leaks along the ducts and their seals.
  • Measure airflow to ensure it is adequate.
  • Verify the refrigerant charge level is correct.
  • Check for leaks in the refrigerant.
  • Inspect terminals. Clean, tighten and apply non-conductive coatings on the terminals where necessary.
  • Check and lubricate belts. Look for wear and if they have loosened.
  • Check controls to ensure heat or cooling is produced when thermostat is triggered.
  • Test thermostat for heat and cool temperature calibration.

Operation Tips

  • Set the thermostat to avoid using the backup heat. When the system is creating heat instead of transferring it, the costs rise dramatically.
  • Leave the system fan on automatic. Continuous running degrades the fan performance and shortens its lifespan.
  • If the thermostat is near a window or doorway, move it away from the drafty area.

At Airco Service, we specialize in what make heating and cooling systems work their best with seasonal and annual heat pump maintenance schedules. If you want your system to deliver maximum performance, you get help from the best. Contact us today, so we can keep your home as comfortable as possible and help you save energy and money.

Simple habits can reduce the operating costs of your heat pump while increasing the comfort of your home.