Different Home Heating Options for Your Oklahoma Home

Posted on: Dec 06, 2016

Home heating systems often vary greatly, depending on the kind of home you live in and its age. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to a new system before winter. New home heating systems can dramatically improve the value of your house while decreasing energy consumption, saving you money. There are different kinds of home heating systems, and understanding what each one can do for you is important.

Some of the different home heating options include:

  • Furnace
  • Boiler
  • Heat Pump
  • Fireplace
  • Ductless


The home furnace is a staple of central heating systems. If your house was built in the last several decades, chances are you have a furnace. It is a great way to heat the house, but it may not be the most energy efficient, simply because it heats every room evenly. If you use every room of the house, this is a fine choice. If not, there are other energy-efficient options available.


The boiler and the furnace have more in common than you may realize. The boiler also works through a central heating system. The main difference is that instead of running off an electric or propane heating method it uses boiling water to heat the house.

Heat Pump

Looking for a secondary heating option that is also energy efficient? Then you may want a heat pump. This heating method pumps up warmer temperatures from underground. In Oklahoma this is an excellent choice, as temperatures do not drop as much as they do farther north, allowing for an optimal temperature to use a heat pump.


Looking to add on a new room but don’t want to extend the current HVAC system? A fireplace is a great option and can run off anything, from wood to gas.


The ductless heating method is especially energy efficient, as every room uses an individual heating unit. This way, you can adjust the temperature in each room, allowing you to avoid heating spaces you don’t spend time in.

There are plenty of home heating systems available. You need to maintain each type of system, as it extends the life of the equipment while reducing energy costs. However, if you are interested in installing a new system or adding a secondary heating source to your home, make sure to contact Airco Service for all your HVAC needs and to learn more about your heating options.