When to Contact a Residential Electrician | OKC

Posted on: Dec 01, 2016

A good rule of thumb is whenever you have a question regarding the electrical system inside your house, call a professional. Electrical fires are among the top causes of fires not only in Oklahoma but around the United States. Airco Service, Inc. provides residential electrician services, regardless of your needs. Knowing when to contact the residential electrician professionals can help avoid dangerous situations.

Adding New Outlets To Your Home

Do you wish you had another electrical outlet on the other side of the room? Adding an outlet can seem like a simple task initially, but if done improperly, it can lead to electrical fires. That is why bringing in professionals to install new outlets, light fixtures or other wiring projects is necessary. This also holds true if you are adding on to your home and need to add electrical capacity or a new circuit breaker panel.

Installing New Appliances

Setting up a television or basic appliance likely does not need electrical assistance. However, if you are having a new furnace or water heater installed, make sure to bring in a professional from Airco Service, Inc. who is trained and certified in this kind of an installation. A new stove, for example, usually needs 220-volt wiring; a new dishwasher only needs 120-volt connections. Proper wiring can mean the difference between a new, work-saving appliance or an electrical fire.

Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently

Have you noticed your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, yet you are not running more electrical devices than usual? A short, somewhere within your home, or an improperly grounded electrical circuit, could be the culprit. When this is the case you need to contact a residential electrician right away.

Lights Flickers

Have you noticed the lights flicker or go on and off without warning? An electrician is needed to identify the potential cause of this dangerous problem.

From minor outlet issues to having new appliances installed, tap the services of the residential electricians from Airco Service, Inc. Working with Airco ensures everything is working correctly and installed properly. So, no matter the electrical challenge, expert, certified electricians are ready to assist you.