Tips For Troubleshooting your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: Jun 28, 2016


Summer is officially here!  The temperatures are rising and after a day out in the heat, you want to come home in the blissful cool of your home.  Your air conditioning system, however, has other ideas.  Here are some steps to take before calling the experts for AC repair in OKC.

House Not Cooling Well

A.  If your air conditioner is running but not blowing cool air, there are several places to check starting with the air handlers filter.  You’ll want to clean or replace if necessary.

B.  If the air filters are clean, you will want to ensure that the condensate drain is clear.  There is a pipe that comes out of the side of the air handler that can become blocked with algae.  Clearing this may help you get back up and running.

C.  Another area to check for cleaning is the outdoor air compressor.  Leaves and other debris may be blocking the air flow, preventing the air conditioning system from cooling properly.

No Air Blowing

If the air handler is working but the blower isn’t moving air, the belt connecting the handler to the blower is likely the problem.  With a few tools from your local hardware store, you may be able to replace the belt on your own.

Leaking or Pooling Water

If your air conditioner is dripping or pooling water, something may be blocking the flow within one of the pipes.  Alternatively, the condensate pump may not be working, causing it to overflow.

One likely cause of the pump not working is that it has become blocked.  This can be cleared with a wet-dry vac.  If the tubing remains clogged, it can be replaced with parts from your local hardware store.

If the pump is not emptying, the check valve may have become stuck.  You will want to unscrew this piece and check for anything that may be obstructing the tubing.

Central Air Conditioning System Not Working At All

A.  Check to ensure that the unit is receiving power.  It could be that a breaker has tripped, or a fuse has been blown.

B. Check the batteries to the thermostat (if applicable).  Once replaced, retry the system after a few minutes.

If none of these tactics resolves the issue, call a service technician.  For questions regarding any of these tips or anything else related to AC repair in OKC, please to contact us.