Why Regular Commercial AC Maintenance is a Healthy Investment

Posted on: Jun 23, 2016

Commercial Air conditioning

Most Commercial establishments think that they save money by only servicing their commercial ac units when a problem arises. Such a strategy is costlier than you may think because you will end up using more money on HVAC repairs than you would if you are having your units serviced at regular intervals. Take your business’s HVAC system to the next efficiency level by conducting regular maintenance with Airco Service Inc.

Call a plumber to check the unit’s settings

It is advisable that you call a professional plumber to check the settings of your thermostat to ensure that the cooling and heating systems keep customers and employees happy. This also saves energy when the building is unoccupied because you will be able to turn the HVAC units off after business hours. The plumber will do the following:

  • Lubricate all moving part to reduce friction and control the amount of energy the HVAC system uses
  • Inspecting the furnace and heat pumps for clogs, which infect indoor humidity levels and cause water damage
  • Checking the starting cycle of the air conditioner to ensure that it starts, operates and shuts as it should.

Basic considerations

Some of the things Airco Service do include is cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, cleaning blower systems to ensure proper system airflow, and checking and adjusting the levels of refrigerant.

You can avoid having to schedule appointments with the contractor by enrolling in a commercial HVAC program. Such programs are often designed for businesses with commercial rooftop air conditioning units. This can help you lower your air conditioner repair, operating and replacements costs. Additionally, this also optimizes unit performance and efficiency, prevents commercial HVAC failures, and improves the indoor air quality.

We also perform  the initial ac repair and servicing work to bringing the unit to the required standards. Thereafter, the company will perform quarterly or regular servicing work that goes beyond regular servicing to optimize the longevity and performance of the air conditioning unit.

Not all units are legible for maintenance program incentives. These include those that are less than three tones, new ones under warranty, and those that have been covered by a similar program within the past five years. Those in serious state of despair also do not qualify.

If you need help with your commercial AC unit, contact Airco Service Inc.