Heating and Cooling Options for Your Oklahoma City Home

Posted on: Dec 17, 2015

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Seems like everything is getting smarter these days, from phones, computers, and cars, to even smart thermostat devices. The technologies used for heating and cooling Oklahoma City homes are no exception to hi-tech progress. So, if it has been several years since you shopped for a new HVAC system, use this guide to help you make the right decisions that suit your needs.


If you are replacing a very old furnace, you may be able to double your heating efficiency with a new model. High-efficiency furnaces incorporate advanced features, such as dual heat exchangers, that deliver 98 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

Furnaces available today are also safer. Sealed two-pipe venting and sealed combustion eliminate the risk of a backdraft related to these appliances. Sealed venting and combustion are also more efficient than conventional naturally-aspirated units.

Heat Pumps

Unlike furnaces that burn a fuel to produce heat, heat pump systems move heat using refrigerant, a compressor, and other components. Following are popular types of heat pumps:

  • Air to air: Air-source heat pumps are the most common type. A large outdoor unit containing a compressor, condenser, and blower sit next to your home. The indoor air handler may be located in the basement, utility closet, or attic in some instances.
  • Geothermal: Geothermal heat pumps utilize the near constant temperature of the earth to exchange heat energy. Geothermal systems are much more efficient than air-source systems, and generally lasts twice as long, which helps recoup its higher first costs, and then some.

Dual Fuel Heating and Cooling

Air-source heat pumps don’t deliver the heating power and efficiency needed in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City areas as furnaces do. However, air-source heat pumps work very well as a dual fuel system, where a gas-fueled back-up heating source is used. In this way, the heat pump will provide home cooling during the summer.

If you are going to install a stand-alone furnace for home heating, you will need to install a central A/C unit for cooling. So, a dual fuel system and a geothermal heat pump give you the advantage of home heating and cooling in one system.

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