Save Energy And Money With A Home Efficiency Check

Posted on: Dec 01, 2015

Energy Efficient Homes | Airco Service

If you own your own home, then chances are you are already seeing the cost of energy bills continue to go up each and every month. Home ownership can truly start to cost a pretty penny as it is, but if you haven’t accounted for the simple fixes to the guts in your house it will start to add up even more!

Just a few things that you should consider regarding some much needed updates:

Low Flow Toilets

Did you know that each and every flush is costing you money? You can literally break down your water bill each month into the gallons you use, and if you are mathematically inclined you can see that you are spending money each and every time anyone flushes the toilet. You are literally flushing money down the drain! The good news is by upgrading to a new model of toilet you can minimize the water that is sent down the tubes and save even more cash once you have made the conversion!

High Energy Water Heaters

Each and every time you need hot water, something has to heat it. In fact, you can spend money heating the hot water even if you don’t use it! That’s exactly why you need to consider a highly efficent water heater in the home. Whether you are cleaning dishes, washing your hands, or taking baths and showers (which can add up with even a small family), you will cut down on the dollars you are burning up to keep your water warm.

Correct Vent Cleaning and Insulation

Whether you’re looking at the HVAC system for heat or air, the ducts need to be cleaned, properly insulated, and efficiently placed. You’d be surprised how many people see hundreds of dollars get burned up as their furnace or air conditioner runs all season just to heat or cool the neighborhood. A quick checkup could save you and your wallet!

The good news is that you don’t have to be the expert technician to protect your house! What are you waiting for? Call one of your local plumbing companies today!

By simply calling one of the local plumbing companies to check your home you can not only prevent long term and impending problems, but you can also help to cut your costs and be more efficient in the process as well!