Fall Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Posted on: Nov 27, 2015

house cold outside

Cold weather is just around the corner in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, which means it’ll be time to turn on the furnace. Before the first chilly winds blow, make a list with some some energy efficient home improvements to boost your home’s comfort while you save on utility bills.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements Checklist

Air seal your home. One of the most important energy efficient home improvements is to air seal cracks, crevices and holes in exterior walls to keep the cold winds out and the conditioned air in. Add strips of insulation to doors and around any gaps between windows. Remove old, cracked sealant around window glass and reapply. Add foam gaskets to electric switches, and spray foam insulation to seal holes. Likewise, locate air leaks where wires, cables or pipes enter the home from the outside and seal them. Check the insulation in your attic for dark, discolored areas, a sign that dusty air is leaking in. Seal the leaks with caulk or foam.

Inspect ductwork. Inspecting ductwork for air leaks from holes or disconnected segments should also be on your list of energy efficient home improvements. Repair the holes, cracks and gaps to keep the conditioned air flowing through the home rather than leaking into unconditioned spaces.

Buy energy efficient. Whenever you buy new HVAC or electrical appliances, check to see if they are Energy Star rated. Energy Star is the Environmental Protection Agency’s program to promote energy efficiency. When replacing faucets and toilets, consider low flow fixtures to reduce water consumption.

Install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats can help you save when you program energy-efficient schedules and stick to them. Set the thermostat down a few degrees this winter when the family is asleep or away from home. Program the thermostat to reach a higher set point a half an hour before the family gets up or arrives home.

Reverse ceiling fan blades. For ceiling fans with a reverse switch, switch the blades to go clockwise in the winter. This pushes warm air away from the ceiling, down the walls and to floor level to heat the home’s occupants.

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