Maintenance Plans

Why Are Maintenance Plans Important?

Did you know that your air conditioning unit runs about 1,600 hours per year, and your heating system runs about 1,400 hours per year?

You rely on your heating and cooling system every day. Similar to a car, your heating and cooling system requires routine maintenance to operate efficiently, safely and reliably for the expected life of the unit.

Maintenance on your heating and cooling system is something that we don’t often think about, yet it has one of the most dramatic effects on our utility bills. Manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment recognize that bi-annual maintenance of your HVAC system is necessary for continued efficiency, safety and to extend the life of your equipment.

Keep your HVAC system tuned up bi-annually to extend the life of your unit. We offer a bi-annual Maintenance  Plan to keep your Oklahoma heating and cooling system in peak condition all year long.

Maintenance Plans

Residential HVAC
Commercial HVAC
  1. Furnace 26 Point Check-Up
    1. Clean the burners.
    2. Clean the flame sensor.
    3. Clean the heat exchanger.
    4. Check the vest panel for cracks.
    5. Check the draft motor for noises.
    6. Check the cracks on the draft housing.
    7. Check the flue pipe for proper installation.
    8. Check the flue piping size.
    9. Check PVC flue pipe for proper fall to the furnace
    10. Check the safeties for proper operation.
    11. Check the burners for proper operation.
    12. Clean the flame sensor and ignitor if applicable.
    13. Check the flame sensor current.
    14. Check the incoming gas pressure.
    15. Check the burner pressure and adjust if necessary.
    16. Check the blower control for proper operation.
    17. Check the control board for proper operation, adjust time and blower speed if necessary.
    18. Check the blower motor
    19. Check the blower wheel.
    20. Check temp rise on the heat exchanger.
    21. Wash or replace filters.
    22. Check the thermostat, adjust or program if necessary.
    23. Check UV lights.
    24. Check the humidifier and clean if necessary.
    25. Check the CO and signs of leakage.
    26. Oil the motor if necessary.


    1. Check the defrost control sensors.
    2. Check the defrost operation.
    3. Check the sensor probes location.
    4. Check fan motor operation in defrost.
    5. Check Freon pressure in defrost termination.
    6. Check for proper voltage.
    7. Check for proper low voltage.


    *May not be combined with other offers.

    Want to save money? Ask about our Planned Maintenance Agreement!


Maintenance Agreement Benefits

  • Automated scheduling.
  • Priority response.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Availability.
  • Professionally Trained Service Technicians.
  • Power wash rig using hot water to clean condenser coils, not harsh chemicals that hurt the environment.
  • Reduces unnecessary breakdowns.
  • System downtime reduced.
  • System performance improved.
  • Operating costs lowered.
  • Life of equipment extended.
  • 5% Discount for equipment replacements.
  • Discount on labor costs.
  • 10% Discounts on repair parts.
  • Same discounts received for our plumbing services.
  • Same discounts received for our electrical services.
  • Non-Commissioned employees.
  • Planned Replacement Program.

Don’t be left in the Dark!

We cannot control the weather, but we can control how it affects your home lifestyle. Airco Service offers Installation and Generator Maintenance on all standby Generators. Nothing is scarier than the thought of your Generator not coming on when you need it most. Let Airco reassure you that yours will start up with no problem.  Doing routine maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing during the next storm or power failure, you won’t be in the dark.

Generator Checklist:

  • Proper Gas/Propane Pressures.
  • Evaluate spark plugs.
  • Good oil levels.
  • Air filters clean of debris.
  • Check that Voltage/ Amperage / Hertz coming out of unit going into the home.
  • Weekly exercise is cycling correctly.
  • Check the transfer switch is engaging correctly.

Residential Customers have maintenance done once a year, depending on your set up.

Call us for a Free Generator Maintenance Quote or Details on Replacement! 

We Offer a Premium Maintenance Plan for Your Equipment

This plan gives you a spring and fall system check maintenance with a 10% discount on any parts and labor that might need to be replaced. Maintenance customers are not charged extended hour rates if work is needed after hours or on weekends.

If your system should need to be replaced, the Maintenance Plan gives you a 5% discount on the replacement equipment only, not to be combined with any other offers or rebates.

Airco Service will call you in the spring and fall to schedule an appointment at your convenience. However, if you need or want to have it checked before we call, simply call the office or schedule online.

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