Is My Home Poorly Wired?

Posted on: Feb 06, 2020

Faulty wiring in your home is an extreme safety hazard. It leaves you susceptible to all kinds of issues, from static shocks to electrical fires. Due to this, it’s always important to use professional electricians whenever it comes to any home improvement jobs requiring electrical work if your home is poorly wired.

However, your home may have had bad wiring done before you ever moved in. That’s why you need to know how to identify poor wiring. Should you discover wiring issues within your home, you’ll need to give Airco Service Inc. a call. With a team of expert electricians, you’ll have the issue identified and corrected.

Tripping Circuit

Are you constantly tripping one particular circuit? It may mean you’re overloading it with too many electrical devices. However, if you don’t have many devices plugged in, then there’s a good chance you have some kind of problem with the electrical circuit. The excess electricity is going somewhere, and if it isn’t to your appliances it can lead to potentially dangerous situations, not to mention you’re paying for electricity you’re not using. 

Flickering Lights

Have you noticed the lights in your home are flickering or even buzzing? If so, you may have tried to swap out the bulb for a new one, and yet the flickering continues. In these instances, it may be due to a faulty connection with a steady stream of electricity not reaching the light. Poor wiring is likely the cause of this issue. It may mean there’s a bad wire connection somewhere along the line. 

Warm Light Switches

When you turn on the lights, have you noticed the switch is warmer than the rest of the wall? It doesn’t matter if it’s a switch, a fading knob, or something else entirely, it shouldn’t be warmer to the touch than the rest of the wall. If it is, there’s a wiring problem and it needs to be corrected. Fail to correct this kind of wiring and your chance of experiencing an electrical shock will increase. These are not the small static electrical shocks you might experience when dragging socks across the sidewalk. There is more electricity involved, which means the shock can be potentially dangerous and painful. With the electricians from Airco Service Inc., you can have this particular issue corrected in no time. 

Burning Smell

The smell of burning is always bad. It doesn’t matter where in the house this is coming from – any aroma of smoke or burning needs to be addressed right away. If you believe it’s coming from an electrical connection (such as you only smell it when a certain light is on) you need to stop using that light and contact the electricians at Airco Service Inc. If there is the aroma of burning, it means something is burning. And when something is burning, a potential fire is not far away. Avoid electrical fires and have the issue addressed right away. 

Correct Your Home’s Electrical Issues Today

If you have gone through these tips and believe your home may have poorly wired areas, it’s extremely important to have it inspected. One faulty wire can lead to a massive electrical fire. All of that can be avoided with one single phone call to Airco Service Inc. So no matter how long you’ve lived in the home or what the problem may be, you need to have peace of mind knowing you live in a safe home. Airco Service Inc. can give you that peace of mind. And it all begins with one simple phone call to resolve your poorly wired home issues.