How To Keep Your Home Comfortable This Winter

Posted on: Jan 14, 2020

Winter is finally upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about all the amenities you’ll need during the cold season. You are almost certainly going to get a lot of use out of your furnace, but are you sure it’s in the proper condition to keep running reliably all winter long? You wouldn’t want to end up with a broken heater in the middle of winter and leave your family freezing. Fortunately, to keep your home comfortable we have a rundown of the best furnace maintenance tips to implement this winter. With luck, your furnace should function properly throughout the winter season and leave everyone warm, happy, and comfortable.

1.    Start Maintenance Early

Like other machines, furnaces also require regular maintenance to function correctly. Surprisingly, most furnaces break down during the coldest nights of winter – a whole year’s worth of neglect (sometimes even more) catches up with them. That’s why it makes sense to start your maintenance activities well before you expect to depend heavily on your furnace. Airco Service recommends that you do most of your preventative maintenance before entering the harsh seasons.

2.    Clean and Unclog the Furnace

Dirt, dust, and debris can reduce your furnace’s operational efficiency significantly. Your heating system may not produce enough heat for your home if its sensors are blocked and surfaces clogged with dirt. The simplest way around this is to clean the inner parts of your furnace. You can use a soft-tipped brush to loosen any dirt or debris on the furnace without causing any damage to its interior components.

3.    Inspect the Furnace Venturing Pipe and Other Tubes

Next, you must thoroughly inspect the entire furnace to ensure that no parts are worn down or broken. Check that the venturing pipe is angled correctly and that other tubes in the system are securely fastened. Also, smell the gas flex for signs of leakage. Since any problem in this area can pose a significant safety threat, it is wise to hire a professional technician for situations like these and to keep your home comfortable.

4.    Clean the Fire Sensor

Your furnace cannot function optimally when its flame sensor is dirty. This is why you should occasionally clean it gently, taking care not to damage it. You can clean the flame sensor using emery cloth, then reinstall it into the system when you’re done. Sometimes this won’t be enough to solve the problem, and the whole sensor will need to be replaced; in that case, you can also hire a contractor from Airco Service to help you install a new one.

5.    Consider Hiring A Professional

Lastly (and most importantly), you should think about hiring a professional technician to help with your furnace maintenance tasks. Cleaning and wiping the external parts of your heating system is an essential task you can do on your own, but there is much more to keeping a furnace running efficiently than that. Proper furnace maintenance is a highly technical job that can be very risky, especially if you do not have any mechanical background. It might be tempting to save money by sticking to DIY maintenance, but bringing in a professional is still the best option for your system and your health.

Proper Upkeep is the Best Solution

Keeping your furnace in excellent condition before winter is critical to ensure the comfort of your family members in the cold months. Do not hesitate to call a professional technician to get the job done right & keep your home comfortable. Airco Service is the right company for the job, and they also provide exceptional after-sales services that you can try out as well.