3 Reasons Fall Furnace Tune Ups Are Needed

Posted on: Nov 12, 2019

The thought of having a non-functioning furnace during a cold and dark winter is absurd. However, by not scheduling a fall furnace tune-up, you run the risk of that exact fate. Plain and simple, your furnace needs a tune-up for it to run correctly. If you neglect this regular maintenance, you’re increasing the chances of a breakdown that could leave you in the cold.

There are many other benefits to scheduling a fall furnace tune-up, including:

Decrease Energy Costs

Heating and cooling consume almost half of your energy costs. Therefore, when any system is working inefficiently, due to a lack of maintenance, your prices significantly rise. This is due to the system having to work harder to provide the same level of comfort you require, thus consuming more energy and more money from your pocket. A lack of lubricant on parts, fraying belts, and dirty air filters and coils are common reasons for our furnace not functioning with the best possible efficiency. On the other hand, when your system operates at the highest efficiency level, you’ll see lower energy bills.

Extend the Life of the Furnace

Put, when you take care of your belongings, they will last longer. Most failed HVAC systems are the result of negligence, including lack of maintenance. When you skip a fall furnace tune-up, dirt and other debris begin to build up in the system, which will result in slower and less efficient functioning. If you’ve ever been overworked, you know that productivity drops and takes you longer to complete a task, or you cannot go any further. This is the same issue that occurs with your furnace after working so hard every day to provide heat to ample space. A healthy system that receives routine maintenance will last 25-to-40% longer than a system without a regular tune-up.

Maintain your Warranty

Most furnace manufacturers require the owner to conduct regular maintenance on their heating system to guarantee that the warranty remains intact. This maintenance must be performed by a licensed expert and is required if significant components of your system fail. If you forgo system maintenance, you’ll likely have to forfeit the warranty, which could result in costly repairs down the road, most likely at the most inopportune times.

You wouldn’t wait years for your car to be serviced. So why neglect an annual fall furnace tune-up? By acting in the fall, you’ll be saving energy, money, time, and frustration plus potentially identifying and fixing a small problem that could turn into a significant money pit in the future. Contact Airco Service today for a  furnace tune-up that will ensure your system remains in good health.