How To Choose A Heater For Your Home

Posted on: Oct 17, 2019

Winter is here, and the cold is just too much to take. All you need is a heater for your home, and you must get the best to avoid future hiccups. They are available in different sizes and styles, so you’ll need to determine which heater best suits your needs. Whether you’re trying to heat a specific room or the entire house, there’s something for every purpose. To get the most reliable choice, you should get professional help from Airco Service. Save your time going from shop to shop, unable to decide what you want by letting Airco Service help you choose a heater for your home.

Here are ways to choose a heater for your home:

1. Type

There are numerous styles to choose from, but only a few technologies defining each of them. If you need to heat your whole room, consider buying one made with conventional technology. These heat the entire room evenly. There are also wall heaters available. They heat the walls, and suddenly the whole place is warm.

If you want to heat only a specific part of the room, radiant heaters are best. They save on energy and electricity bills.

2. Energy efficiency

No matter how cold it is, you’ll always want to conserve as much energy as possible. Consider the size of your space before buying your heater. Check for special features like energy-saving modes, adjustable thermostats, and good programmable heating timers to save as much electricity as you can. 

Small heaters will heat part of a room but save on energy while large ones heat the whole room and consume more energy. You could consider buying a small portable heater if you don’t have too much space.

3. Safety

A heater should be well insulated and caged, so it doesn’t burn you or cause a fire. When choosing heaters for your home or office, look for one with sensors to monitor heat and cool-touch exterior.

Also, ensure it has a switch that trips whenever it gets too hot. Make sure there are no broken wires or cords before buying it or place your order at Airco Service. 

4. Noise level

Sleeping next to a loud room heater is irritating. Some noise is inevitable, but too much noise can be avoided. Consider buying a model with no fans for silence and comfort.

Get professional help from Airco Service, since you need a great heater that doesn’t disrupt your office work or your peace and quiet at home. Most radiant space heaters will assure you of less noise.

5. Cost 

Depending on the type and purpose, it may cost you less than $30 to purchase a room heater, or it can cost more than $2,000. It will all depend on the specifications you require and the room you plan to heat. There is a space heater for every budget.

Also, consider the cost of the equipment once you already have it. You might buy one and find it cheap then spend a lot of money on electricity bills and constant repair. Put quality first.


The bottom line is, space heaters are a necessity in an area that’s prone to cold temperatures. Consult us at Airco Service for help choosing the best heating sources for your home.