Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Posted on: Sep 03, 2019

Air conditioners are a lifesaver during those hot summer months when there is sweltering heat outside and staying indoors would otherwise be unbearable. Surprisingly, most people don’t have regular AC maintenance performed on their air conditioning units despite the vital role they play in summer. You may also be among those who think about their air conditioners only when they occasionally break down.

Regular AC maintenance is key to keeping your home comfortable during the hot summer as well as increasing your unit’s longevity. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep up with regular AC maintenance by hiring a trusted company:

1. Saves you Money

Many people skip regular AC maintenance as a way of saving money. But such actions may end up costing you more in the long run when your AC breaks down entirely, and you have to replace it. 

A well maintained AC unit will function optimally and use less energy, so it saves you money. Furthermore, a well-serviced AC will not break down as frequently and will work well for years. This will save you money and increase your AC unit’s lifespan.

2. Maintains Your Warranty

Most home appliances are covered by warranties from the manufacturer. However, your warranty may be canceled if you fail to maintain your unit regularly. For your warranty to be valid, manufacturers require you to regularly tune-up your AC.

Airco Service has enlisted the services of licensed, insured, and certified technicians who are highly trained on matters regarding AC maintenance. They will utilize their wealth of experience to inspect mechanical parts and wiring, clean both outside and inside of your unit, and check the filters as well as the refrigerant. This will keep your AC in peak condition and ready for summer. 

3. Increases Efficiency

Keeping your unit working efficiently is the ultimate goal when cooling your home. Most air conditioners are kept running the entire day during summer to keep the heat at bay. During such months, the efficiency of your unit is critical. Therefore, ensure you service your AC as frequently as recommended to keep it working efficiently.

4. Prevents Rust

Rust reduces the functionality of machines, including air conditioners. Regular AC maintenance includes cleaning and lubricating all moving parts. Doing so prevents the gradual build-up of rust to the extent where it can hinder the functioning of motors during scorching summer temperatures and humid weather. 

5. Consistent Cooling

Nothing can frustrate you in the summer like when one part of your house is nice and serene and then warms up abruptly the next minute. For instance, your bedroom may feel like an icebox, whereas your living room like a sauna, making your house uncomfortable. 

Inconsistent cooling is one of the signs that your unit is poorly maintained and needs repair. A properly maintained air conditioner should be able to maintain consistent temperatures in all the rooms in your house. This will prevent those awkward moments when staying indoors is unbearable due to inconsistent cooling. 

The Last Word

Regular AC maintenance is not something you should put off, but finding the right HVAC company can be a daunting task. Choose a company that will provide you with affordable services when it comes to installation and regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend that you carry out frequent maintenance of your unit to keep it working optimally. Find out more about a company that provides regular AC maintenance through their bi-annual plans.