10 Reasons An AC Unit Can Struggle in Summer

Posted on: Aug 22, 2019

Maintaining your air conditioner is the best way to ensure that it does not struggle to cool your house during summer. Summer season can be tough, especially if you don’t have a working air conditioner. Ensure that your AC is in great shape, cleaned and the air filter changed for efficient running. Check out the top reasons your ac unit could struggle this summer here:

1.   Getting The Wrong Size AC Unit

The wrong size AC unit can limit the amount of cold air in the room. You need to get an AC that will cool your house efficiently. Additionally, don’t get an AC that is too big as it will pump out air but leave the room feeling muggy and humidity lingering.

2.   Keeping The AC Running All The Time

When you are not in the house, it is advisable to leave the AC unit off. This will not only lower the energy bill but will keep the AC in good shape. When the AC unit runs all the time, it might break down faster.

3.   Not Circulating The Air In The House With A Fan

You can help the cool air to circulate more quickly by using a fan. You don’t have to choose between using a fan or an air conditioner. Using both of them cools your house faster, and the AC unit doesn’t struggle to cool your home.

4.   Not Changing The Air Filters

When the dirt particles are stuck in the filter, they make the AC work extra to ensure that the room is cooled. You can increase the AC’s efficiency by changing the air filters. Also, this can reduce any chances of the air conditioner breaking down.

5.   Not Cleaning Your AC Between Seasons

When the AC unit gets clogged, it becomes difficult for it to function efficiently. Additionally, the condensation needs to be checked to see if it’s leaking as this could cause significant problems to the AC unit.

6.   Setting The AC Unit Temperature Too Low

Most people think that this will help cool their house faster. They forget that the AC unit pumps out cool air at the same strength. So when you set it at a low temperature, it will only cool your house to the set temperature which will result in a colder house.

7.   Keeping Your Doors And Windows Open

An AC unit could struggle if it does not properly work by pulling warm air in the room and cools it down, and the warm air is expelled outside. If you leave your doors and windows open the warm air that was expelled would rush back in.

8.   Leaving The AC Vents And Rooms Open

If you have a central AC unit that cools all the rooms, you should close some vents and open the vents of places that need more cooling like the common area. This reduces the time required to cool the house.

9.   Ignoring The AC Maintenance

Having regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your AC unit. Also, it improves its efficiency. You should always carry out regular maintenance to ensure that your AC unit is in great shape. 

10.   Ignoring The Heat Sources

You should check any place that could be releasing warm air. Replace your single pane windows with the double pane windows to ensure that the warm from outside don’t get in. This will make cooling your house faster and maintain the cool air in the home.

Ensure that you have your air conditioner cleaned and maintained so that it can work efficiently during summer. Also, keep your doors closed to ensure that warm air from outside doesn’t get in the house.