Top Thermostat Setting While Gone Traveling This Summer

Posted on: Jun 11, 2019

A cooling system allows you to achieve temperature settings that are not too hot or too cold. The ideal home temperature setting not only ensures you have a comfortable home environment but also helps you save on energy bills. When you’re going on vacation in the summer, you shouldn’t leave your heating system on full force.

What’s the ideal thermostat setting to leave your home while on vacation in the summer? Read on to find an answer and learn much more about setting back your cooling system. 

Save Money by Saving Energy

Summer brings hot temperatures, and your HVAC system has to go the extra mile to try and keep your indoor environment comfortable. But this doesn’t have to be the case when you’re not home. Resetting your home temperature ensures that the HVAC system doesn’t consume a lot of energy trying to make an unoccupied home comfortable. 

As you go on trips to the beach to unwind and relax, consider setting your home temperature back to save as much energy as possible. The aim is to lower your electricity costs without impacting your comfort levels. 

A Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable cooling system makes it easy to set back the temperature while you’re away. Reducing your HVAC’s heating and cooling load is achieved by reducing the temperature differential between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperatures. Since there’s a lot of misconception regarding how the cooling system operates, ensure you fully understand your system so you don’t make costly errors. Consulting with an HVAC company with a great reputation ensures that you’ll get valuable advice on how to save energy.

The ideal setback during the summer is between 7-10 degrees lower than your normal setting if you’ll be away for eight hours a day. If your vacation lasts more than three days, consider setting the home temperature to between 85-90 degrees. As you set back your home temperature, consider protecting sensitive building components and appliances. 

Additional Techniques for Saving Money on Utility Bills 

Even though installing a programmable thermostat is one of the most effective ways of managing energy consumption during the summer, there are other alternative techniques you can employ.

Consider air sealing and insulating your home. This ensures that you achieve a more comfortable home due to the consistent room-to-room temperature distribution. Investing in your air conditioning needs ensures that when you come back from your vacation, it doesn’t take long before the indoor temperature is set back to comfortable levels. 

The Ideal Way of Setting Back Your Home Temperature

The aim of setting back your home temperature is saving money by saving energy. However, setting back the temperatures too far means you’ll have to wait longer for the indoor temperatures to recover from the setback when you come back. You need to strike a balance to ensure your home temperature isn’t set too far back or too close to its normal functioning temperatures. 

Upgrade Your Thermostat

There are newer thermostats on the market that let you change your home’s temperature remotely. This is an excellent solution as it allows you to adjust indoor temperatures daily based on the changing temperatures outside. Besides, you can set the thermostat as far back as possible and then use your mobile app to reset it on your trip back home. Modern thermostats allow you to come back to a comfortable home thanks to the smartphone apps. 

Knowing the best temperatures to leave your home’s HVAC system as you go on vacation allows you to save money by saving energy.