Top 2 Reasons Your Kitchen Sink Is Consistently Dripping

Posted on: Jun 03, 2019

A leaking kitchen sink is a common household phenomenon, but that does not mean it is something you can easily tolerate. Consistently dripping water from your kitchen plumbing lines is not only irritating but can also cause damage to your kitchen. This is especially true if the sink’s surrounding area is wood. The good news is that under the sink leakages are easy to pinpoint on your own. However, if you are unable to figure out the root cause of the problem, be sure to contact a trusted plumber for professional assistance. Having a professional, like the ones at Airco Service, repair the damage as soon as you notice a leak will save your kitchen cabinets from destruction. The following are the two most common reasons for a chronically dripping sink.  

1. Unfastened Drainpipe Connection Points

Below every sink, there is usually a drain’s tailpiece and a drainpipe that carry water out of your sink. Ideally, three connections need to be fastened to ensure there is no leaking. The first connection is the one attaching the sink to the J-shaped pipe below. 

If the leakage is from this point, chances are the rubber gasket is worn out and the connection is not watertight. You can find new rubber gaskets at most hardware stores.

Kitchen plumbing lines need to be installed appropriately to ensure your sink does not leak from the water pressure. Consider working with a well-reputed plumbing company for the best plumbing services. If you have tightened the joints of your kitchen plumbing lines and there is still water leaking, the issue likely lies elsewhere.

In case you are unable to fasten the connection points, the problem could be that the parts are not compatible, in which case the only solution is to purchase a new set of parts. Always buy your parts from a credible plumbing shop for quality parts. 

2. Corrosion and Blockage

You are bound to wash leftovers down the kitchen drain each time you wash dishes. Over time, these food fragments accumulate and can result in full blockages. A clogged sink will leak because the incoming water exerts pressure on your kitchen drainage lines. 

The best thing to do in this case is calling Airco Service to take the drainage pipes apart and thoroughly clean them. Opening the clogged pipe allows water to run smoothly. To avoid blockages, regularly run hot water own the kitchen drainage lines to dissolve any grease that may have built up.

You can also use a drain snake for your routine cleaning to ensure the pipes are always clear. Another common cause of leakage under your sink could be corrosion. Even though most kitchen drainage lines today are plastic, some households still have metal drainage pipes, which can rust over time.

If the connection points are hard to turn, chances are the pipes have corroded on the inside. The best solution is purchasing new plumbing and replacing the corroded section. Consider using plastic parts or copper parts, which are immune to rust and corrosion.  

Get a Professional Inspection

Aside from leaking faucets, leakages beneath the sink is another common phenomenon in households. Ensure that all the joints of your pipes are securely fastened and that your pipes are free of debris and corrosion, which can affect their flow. Working with professional plumbers ensures you get original kitchen drainage pipes. In case of any plumbing inquiries, be sure to contact us – our team at Airco Service is full of experienced professionals who are willing and able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.