5 Tips To Know if Your Water Heater Needs to be Checked

Posted on: Apr 15, 2019

What is the state of your water heater? How confident are you in its health? If you have an aging water heater, there are signs to watch. What are five things you should be looking out for to check on the status of your water heater?  

1. Water Temperature Changing

Do you go through situations where you have hot water, but the temperature fluctuates? This could be a clear sign the water heater is on the way out. Mineral deposits build up in water heater’s heating elements and force repairs.

2. Low Water Pressure

What is the state of your hot water pressure? Is it too low? Again, this could be an issue with mineral deposits building up in the heating elements of the equipment.

3. Strange Noises

Are you starting to hear strange noises from your hot water heater? A little noise is going to be fine, as with any other major appliance. When you hear loud noises such as popping or banging, though, you need to have the hardware check complete. The banging could be a sign the equipment is overheating.

4. Age of the Equipment

Most hot water heaters will not last past a seven-year lifespan. How old is your water heater? Check the age of it and if you are near that time frame, start to discuss getting a check done to keep it working, or replace it before it ceases to function.

5. Leaks

If the hot water heater is leaking, you immediately know you need to have a check. The leaking could come from the bottom, showing a sign the hot water heater is rotting out. Be aware of these signs as a hot water heater exploding, unleashing water throughout your home, is not an enjoyable discovery.

Water heaters are wonderful pieces of equipment in our home or business, helping supply hot water where needs exist. When they fail, though, they and create a mess and also leave you with a cold-water problem. Be proactive in correcting water heater issues to avoid problems down the line.