Did You Know Airco Offers Maintenance on Commercial HVAC Systems?

Posted on: Feb 21, 2019

Within your building, it is likely your HVAC system is one of the most expensive and extensive pieces of equipment. HVAC systems are used frequently and can span an entire commercial facility which is why regular maintenance is critical to ensure efficiency and longevity. There are numerous commercial HVAC service companies, such as Airco, who can provide the regular maintenance you need.

There are four primary benefits for keeping a regular HVAC maintenance schedule with Airco, which include:

1. Air Quality Improvement

Maintaining your HVAC system will improve indoor air quality for your employees and visitors. A proper maintenance plan includes inspection, cleaning, calibration, dated replacement parts, and the procedure documentation. The cleaning part relates directly to air quality improvements.

2. High Efficiency

Even your new systems can experience a reduction in performance when regular commercial HVAC service maintenance is not implemented. Therefore, to ensure your systems are operating at the highest efficiency level, an annual maintenance contract with a company like Airco is recommended.

3. Reduction in Future Repairs

With routine maintenance, it is likely your equipment will outlive its projected lifespan and have reduced expenses that could have been incurred in future repairs. In many instances, HVAC systems outlive the career of the facilities’ manager so at times repairs can be inconsistent or “quick fixes”. While this approach could save money, in the end, it may cost the facility much more.

4. Saving Money

When you hire a commercial HVAC service company the will be energy efficiency in your building which will save you money. Since the system is operating efficiently, your energy costs will decrease. According to Facilities Net, when proper HVAC maintenance is implemented, the building will utilize 15-to-20 percent less energy than those without maintenance. Furthermore, commercial buildings have been found to use around 40 percent of total energy.

Conducting regular commercial HVAC maintenance will improve equipment reliability and minimize costs. When hiring a specialist like Airco, the preventative approach offers a variety of benefits versus doing nothing. Do yourself a favor and save energy and money while decreasing downtime and improving the overall indoor environment for your employees by implementing a preventative maintenance schedule with an experienced company, like Airco.