Take Advantage of Our $99 Furnace Inspection | HVAC

Posted on: Dec 18, 2018

As the months turn crisp and fall takes fully ahold of the region, you’ll begin to settle into your routine of warm sweatshirts, hot coffee and the heat turned up inside. There’s something enjoyable about the colder weather outside and the warm, toasty temperature inside of your house. However, before you turn to rely on your furnace for the next several months leading into next year, it is important to know your furnace and the rest of the HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is the furnace failing on you in the dead of winter. To make sure everything is running smoothly now is the perfect time to take advantage of Airco Service’s $99 furnace inspection special going on right now.

Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

You likely haven’t used your furnace since last winter. This means you’ll be kicking off some cobwebs and shaking free some dust as you kick it back on. It’s hard to tell what, if anything, has gone on with your furnace since you last used it. By using the $99 heat inspection service, you’ll have the entire HVAC system inspected. With the inspection, you’ll identify potential problems and have the opportunity to have it fixed before you rely on the furnace for months at a time.

Improve Energy Consumption

By inspecting your furnace and having minor issues within the HVAC system corrected you’ll reduce the amount of energy you use as the furnace is running. You’ll also improve the airflow from the furnace by tightening up loose vents and reducing any air leakage. With this combination, you’ll enjoy a warm, comfortable home all while seeing your energy bill drop at the same time. So, take advantage of the $99 heat inspection.

An annual HVAC inspection is very important to the overall health of the entire heating and cooling units. As you rely more and more on the furnace, you’ll increase the chance of potential failure, if there is a lingering problem. With the help of the $99 heat inspection service offered to you by Airco Service Inc., you’ll know exactly what kind of shape your HVAC system is in and what needs to be corrected (if anything). This way you have time to fix it before anything more substantial occurs, and you’ll avoid winter furnace failures in the middle of winter.