3 Things You Should be Doing to Prep Your HVAC for Colder Weather

Posted on: Sep 06, 2018

The transition between the summer and fall seasons comes with significant temperature and weather changes. Temperatures drop, air pollutant levels change and humidity levels can increase or decrease. Low temperatures might bring a lot of discomfort to your home. You may want to prepare your HVAC system so that it can effortlessly work its heating magic when the cold season begins. Here are some critical steps toward this cause.

Schedule a Maintenance Tune-Up

Whether you’re using a heat pump, furnace or multipurpose unit, scheduling an HVAC maintenance call is the first step in preparing for the cold season. During such a visit, a technician will inspect both the outdoor and indoor components of your unit, including coils and motors, to see if they are in proper working conditions. They will also measure the coolant levels and refill it if necessary. These HVAC maintenance specialists will also inspect all of the electrical components for signs of wear or damage and replace them if need be.

Clean It Up

Over time, dirt can accumulate within your HVAC system and cause clogging, which ultimately affects its overall efficiency. You need to remove all the dirt and debris from the system and use a hose to rinse the entire unit. Go deeper, and use a brush to clean up all the components, including the outer surface, coils, and controls. For a thorough cleanup of your entire unit, consider calling the knowledgeable technicians from Airco who specialize in HVAC maintenance.

Warm Up the Unit

Regular use of your HVAC system keeps its components ready for use. Just like vehicles fail to start if not used for a long while, your HVAC unit might take a while before it begins to function optimally. For this reason, you need to run your HVAC system frequently a few weeks before the beginning of the cold season. When operating the unit, note how long it takes to provide your home with the desired temperature. If there’s a delayed response or if the system doesn’t work at all, have HVAC professionals inspect it.

Fall is a precursor to winter and a bridge between two extreme seasons. This is the right time to conduct inspections, maintenance and repairs on your heating equipment in preparation for the looming frigid temperatures. Fortunately, the HVAC maintenance professionals from Airco have the requisite experience and tools to keep your unit running optimally throughout the winter.