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Posted on: Mar 15, 2018

When replacing parts of the plumbing system or installing a brand new system, you should choose your plumbing fixtures carefully. More importantly, you should only buy items from the best brands. Why? Because some brands are simply better than others. Their fixtures are made from higher quality materials and thus last longer.

The following are four tips to help you pick the best brand for your plumbing needs.

Consider established companies

The best brands are those that have been around for decades. These includes companies such as American Standard, Crane, and Kohler. These three brands are some of the oldest in the industry, having been established more than 50 years ago. With such experience, they’ve learned what works best and currently carry some of the most stylish product lines.

Read reviews

This refers to both professional and consumer reviews. In fact, you should begin with professional reviews. Find blogs that review the best plumbing companies and see which brands perform the best. Sites such as are very good at this. Once you’ve got professional opinions, head over to consumer review websites and see what people who own or have owned the different brands have to say about their product lines.

Choose brands that offer long warranties

Like all items, plumbing products and fixtures can fail. Or, upon arriving home, you might discover that the fixture is malfunctioning. If it’s a faucet, it could already be leaking. A manufacturer should offer solid warranties to cover these situations. Since most of them actually do, you then need to find a brand that offers the best warranty. The warranty should cover as many defects as possible while being active for as long as possible.

It helps to choose locally available brands

While shopping on online platforms such as Amazon and eBay can be a great experience, sometimes it helps to buy from a brand that is locally available. This doesn’t mean that the brand should have its headquarters in your neighborhood. It just means that, at the very least, they should have a store or customer service center close enough to where you live. This can allow you to pick up the items and get help with ease.

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