Is It Time To Replace My Hot Water Tank?

Posted on: Mar 01, 2018

“When should I replace my hot water tank?” is among the most common questions we hear. Most homeowners are aware of the need to replace tanks that are beyond their useful lives. But, it can be difficult to find the right time for replacement.

Today, the team at AirCo is here to explain three telltale signs that can to determine if your tank needs replacement.

Untraceable Leaks

This is usually one of the first signs a hot water tank may need to be replaced. When the tank is leaking but you can’t pinpoint the location of the leak, it is likely that water is seeping through welded joints, the side-wall seam, or rusted steel threads due to deterioration. Since these parts are non-repairable, the only solution is to replace the tank.

Water Doesn’t Get Hot

There are many reasons the water in your hot water tank may not be getting to the levels you want, one of them being corrosion inside the tank. When corrosion sets in, often as a result of age, the dip tube becomes deteriorated, and electrical elements within the tank may begin to malfunction. At that point, increasing the thermostat setting might not help. You need to replace the tank.

No Water Comes Out When Valve Is Open

If you’ve been draining your hot water tank annually as recommended, water should come out of the tank with no problems. Failure to drain for a few years is a recipe for trouble. Sediment builds at the bottom of the tank, forcing the elements to work harder to heat your water. This can destroy hot water tanks very quickly, necessitating costly replacements.

The “Sacrificial” Anode Is Rusty

There is a special rod made of magnesium or zinc inside your tank. This rod is the part of the tank that rusts first. In fact, that’s its job: to rust fastest (that’s what makes it sacrificial). This sacrificial node is commonly designed to rust near the tank’s warranty expiry. If the rod is rusting, you’ll know your tank is approaching its end of useful life. You should be ready to replace it.

If your hot water tank is showing any of these signs, call AirCo Services at 918-252-5667 for diagnosis and replacement.