Is Your Furnace Making Weird Noises? – HVAC Services

Posted on: Feb 01, 2018

A little noise is to be expected when operating a furnace. Some sounds, like minor pops and humming, are indicative of your system working hard to keep you warm during the chilly season. However, unusual sounds such as loud bangs, squealing, and scraping can suggest a troubled heating system, as explained below.

Loud Scraping Noises

If you hear a sound like metal sheets rubbing against each other, you might have a problem with your blower wheel. The wheel could have unfastened from the motor shaft, causing it to strike the blower casing. Similarly, the motor mount may be broken, which would make the entire blower assembly hit its housing. The blower ought to be re-fastened and the motor replaced. If you detect these sounds, turn off your system and contact a professional repairer.

Loud Bang

A loud pop and bang in your furnace are often indicative of a dirty burner, which might take a while to ignite. This delay can cause excessive gas to build up in the system, and when it finally ignites, you will hear a loud bang. You shouldn’t delay having your furnace checked as explosions can crack the heat exchanger, leading to expensive repair work.

Additionally, loud pops might be a result of expanding and contracting air ducts as the blower turns on and off. This could indicate undersized or flimsy ducts, a clogged air filter, and blocked vents. Regular maintenance services can help prevent these issues. You should also consider having a certified technician replace undersized ducts with bigger, well-fitting ones.

Squealing and Whining Noises

High-pitched squealing noises are often caused by a loose, slippery, or worn-out blower belt, which should be adjusted or replaced. These sounds can also emanate from improperly lubricated bearings or a faulty motor. An experienced technician should apply oil on the lubrication port located at the end of the shaft. The defective motor should be fixed or replaced. Again, these issues can be prevented through adequate maintenance.

A furnace is an essential home appliance that is designed to keep you warm during the cold season. Strange noises coming from the unit are indicative of a broken system that hasn’t had its routine maintenance. Furnace repair and maintenance services from Airco Service will keep your system running efficiently and for a long time. We have well-trained staff coupled with advanced tools to get your unit running smoothly again within no time.