My Outlet is Producing Sparks! | Common Electrical Issues

Posted on: Jan 18, 2018

Electrical problems can turn serious quickly. Electrical issues cause more home fires than most other culprits, so if your outlet is producing sparks, you need to know what is causing the problem and how to go about correcting it. With the help of Airco Service Inc., it is possible to bring in a certified and trained professional who can inspect the issue, diagnose it and correct it, all on the spot.

An Ordinary Spark

Electricity moves quickly. There is a considerable amount of energy running from the outlet into the electrical device you have connected to it. If the electrical device is turned on when it is unplugged, the circuit has not been properly turned off yet, which means you pulling the plug out leads to a sudden break in the electrical line. This results in a spark. This is natural, and there isn’t anything wrong with your outlet. However, make sure to turn off all electrical devices prior to unplugging them.

Short Circuit

A short circuit often happens when excessive heat builds up. This may result in melted insulation that covers the wires. This means some sparks might sizzle and crack, even if nothing is plugged into the outlet. When this happens, you need to have it diagnosed and corrected quickly in order to avoid an electrical fire.

Drawing Too Much Power

Consider what you have running through your plug. It is designed to only send electricity to a few objects at a time. If you have multiple splitters connected and a half-dozen (or more) items running from the same outlet, you may be causing too much strain. This could result in sparks. The best way to correct this is to simply unplug a few of the items when not in use, or connect these devices to another set of plugs.

Recent Water Exposure

If you have suffered any kind of flooding or water exposure, you’ll want to have any affected outlets serviced right away.

If any power outlets are producing sparks, you need to stop using them right away and give Airco Service Inc. a call. This way, you can bring in a certified technician who can quickly correct the problem and restore functionality. Regardless of your electrical problem, though, whatever question you have and whatever issue you’re experiencing, make sure to give the team at Airco Service Inc. a call today for assistance.