Water Pressure Acting Up? | Call the Professionals Today!

Posted on: Jan 11, 2018

When you turn on your faucet, there should be a steady stream of water coming out. If you have low water pressure, you’ll notice that there’s less water pouring from your faucet than there used to be. What might cause this to happen? Here are some possible reasons for having water pressure that’s lower than normal.

Debris in Your Pipes

Mineral buildup from water can form blockages inside your pipes. You might also have debris inside them from dirt, pollutants and other particles. When water can’t flow easily through your pipes, you can expect to have less of it coming out of your fixtures. Faucets and shower heads might have a low flow, and your washing machine and dishwasher might end up having longer cycles.


If you have a leak from a plumbing fixture in your home or from pipes inside the walls, this can result in low water pressure. If you don’t see any visible leaks in your home, such as around toilets or sinks, check your water meter to see if it’s higher than usual. If you do have a leak or if you suspect that you have one, it’s important to have it professionally repaired in order to prevent water damage or mold growth.

Corrosion in Your Pipes

Galvanized or steel pipes can develop corrosion over the years. If this occurs, water can’t move through your pipes as easily, which leads to a drop in your water pressure. If your pipes are corroded, you might need to have them replaced with new ones, which should improve water pressure.

Problems with the Municipal Water Supply

You might have water pressure that’s lower than normal due to problems with your town or city’s water supply. Although you’ll have to wait for these problems to be fixed, you should contact your local water company to report a decrease in your water pressure. If you have determined that this drop isn’t caused by anything in your own home, the water supply company will need to make repairs on their end.

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