Stay Warm This Winter Season With Airco Service | HVAC Excellence

Posted on: Nov 28, 2017

During the winter seasons, the majority of families in the state mostly rely on heating devices to keep warm. However, these devices are not immune to malfunctioning.  There are factors that could make some of their components fail, which include lack of proper maintenance.  Among the key signs manifested by a failing heater is when the fun works but it is not producing heat. Below is a detailed procedure for fixing this kind of problem.

Diagnose the Problem

If your electric heater’s fan is working, but no heat is being produced, there could be a problem with some of its components. This may include a broken coil and a blown resistor or coil. To find the cause of the problem, the circuits should be tested using a voltage regulator. The coil also needs to be inspected, which will help to establish whether there is a line break.

Replace Burnt Circuits and Resistors

If the resistors and circuits are the sources of the problem, they need to be removed. They should subsequently be replaced with those that meet the recommended voltage. Doing so will prevent short-circuiting in the electric heater. If no other problems are observed, you can check the fans for warm air after the case is put back on.

Replacing the Heater Coil

The coil is a component tasked with heating up to warm the air that your fan blows around your house. Modern heaters come with a replaceable coil unit that can be easily installed. When replacing these coils, power down procedures have to be followed. After replacing it, ensure to reconnect everything properly before turning on your heater.

Repairing the Coil

In older electrical heating devices, the fans are usually not connected to the temperature gauge. This type of connection makes it very difficult to replace the coils. A heat resistance wire clamp is needed to repair a malfunctioning heater coil. This clamp should be made of a conductive metal to allow electric current to pass through to the connected wires. The two ends are then clamped together to complete the circuit.


Heating devices may malfunction without warning and leave you in the cold. Such defects can be brought by a number of factors, with the most prominent one being poor maintenance. If you are experiencing heating issues, contact a reputable company like Airco Service to have them fixed promptly at pocket-friendly prices.