Your HVAC Installation Options | Oklahoma City | Airco Service

Posted on: Sep 07, 2017

Updating and upgrading your HVAC system is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency within your home. It also helps by giving you better control over what rooms are cooled or heated, and to what temperature. There are a handful of different HVAC installation options to consider, many of which are based on what your current home HVAC system is like. With the help of Airco Service, you’ll have access to certified, trained experts who can assist in identifying the best option for your home and needs.

Split System

This is the most commonly used form of heating and cooling in the United States. It runs through vents installed throughout the house. Now, old homes may not have current vents, which makes transitioning to a split system expensive, and time-consuming. Some new homes do not use this system either, due to the space required for ventilation and duct installation.

Ductless Systems

This method is growing in popularity and is a “green” alternative to many other HVAC installation options. In a ductless system, each room has an individual unit that heats and cools the room. By utilizing this method, you can pick and choose the temperature in each room. This way, you don’t have to pay to heat or cool the guest room when nobody is inside, or the back room you like to use for storage. It also doesn’t require any additional vents or ducts to be installed.

Heat Pumps

One additional piece of HVAC equipment to consider is the heat pump. Heat pumps usually work in unison with other heating and cooling systems, but with the aid of a heat pump, it is possible to reduce the amount of energy required to keep your home at the desired temperature. Thanks to the geothermal nature of the ground under your home, the pump brings up warm air during the winter and brings cool air during the summer.

No matter the current configuration of your home or what kind of energy needs you currently have, finding the right HVAC installation service provider is important. The professionals at Airco Service can assist in identifying what works both for your home needs and your budget. So, if you have any questions regarding HVAC installation, want to set up an appointment or are in need of other home HVAC services, make sure to contact the experts at Airco Service today.