How a Repair Specialist Can Help With AC Maintenance | Airco Service

Posted on: Jul 27, 2017

On the surface, it may appear as if your AC is working perfectly, but underneath there is a strong possibility that there are problems starting to build. This is especially true if you have not had AC maintenance performed annually. These issues occur slowly over time and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if you do not take proper care of your system. That is why you should turn to Airco Service for all your general AC maintenance needs.

Common Maintenance Repairs

Over the years, your AC will begin to develop minor imperfections. The wiring may begin to deteriorate, or your refrigerant levels might drop off. Whatever the situation is, you may not realize anything is happening until the air conditioner simply doesn’t work at all. By taking advantage of annual AC maintenance, you’ll avoid these kinds of problems.

External Unit Maintenance

If you have an exterior unit, additional problems can develop. Vegetation growth around, and even inside, the system, insects, and wildlife can cause a number of problems with your unit. Critters crawling into the AC unit during cooler months and chewing vital hardware is just one major issue that can occur. While proper precautions were likely taken during installation to protect your external unit, from time to time this is not enough. Annually inspecting the external unit (especially after a long fall and winter) will help to address any current external damage and prevent additional damage from taking place.

Time for an Upgrade

Wouldn’t you like to know if you could save money with an upgrade, or if it is better to continue on with your current AC unit? With the help of Airco Service, you’ll receive helpful insights as to what a new system can do for you and how much money you could save versus keeping your old system.

With the aid of annual AC maintenance with Airco Service, you’ll ensure that your system is fully functional throughout the year. You will also identify potential problems before more extreme situations develop. From identifying minor problems to reversing situations that may cost you substantially later, the professionals at Airco Service are available to improve your unit and provide AC maintenance year-round. So if you’re interested in cutting energy consumption, extending the life of your current air conditioner, and you want to save money throughout the year, now is the time to contact Airco Service.