The Right AC Service For Your Home

Posted on: Jun 20, 2017

With the hot Tulsa summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to upgrade or install a new AC system into your home. The right AC for your home may be different from your neighbor’s home, so going over available options with Airco Service, Inc. is paramount. Because of this, you will be prepared for the coming onslaught of Tulsa’s summer heat and humidity.

Central Air

Central Air is a commonly installed AC system. If an AC Installation Tulsa professional already installed the HVAC equipment, (most likely when the home was first built) you may want to upgrade the current configuration. However if you do not have the ventilation system set up, you may want to consider another option to avoid having large vents and ducts.

Ductless AC

With a ductless AC unit, you have greater control over the temperature of every room. This not only allows everyone to fine tune their desired room temperature, but it can help you save money as well. With a central AC, every room of the house is the same temperature. However with a ductless AC, you can turn off the heating and cooling functions of individual rooms you don’t use. So, if there is a guest room, a bathroom you rarely use – or other spaces that go without daily usage – you don’t need to spend money to treat these areas. Ductless air conditioning is just one of the HVAC services provided by Airco Service, Inc.

Individual Units

Perhaps you live in a small apartment, or you don’t feel the need for a full-home HVAC system. If that is the case, our professionals can help you select the perfect individual unit for your needs!  With AC Installation Tulsa, the right stand alone unit can be designed specifically for the square footage in your home. The window unit will be properly affixed in order to prevent drafts and any leaking of treated air. Using this method, you’ll be able to enjoy the cooler air in any given area without suffering the massive energy loses you may experience if you install it by yourself.

No matter the kind of AC you’re considering – whether you need an annual HVAC inspection or you simply have questions about cooling options for your home – Airco Service, Inc. is here to help! With expert customer service and HVAC professionals standing by, feel free to contact Airco Service, Inc. today!