Energy Saving Tips For Your Home | Airco Service Tulsa, OKC

Posted on: Jun 08, 2017

Opening your monthly utility bill can be a bit of a crap shoot. You never really know what the number is going to be looking back at you, and often times it can shock you with just how high it is. To help reduce your utility bills, we at Airco Service recommend following the following energy saving tips.

Swap Out The Bulbs

One of the best ways to begin your quest for energy saving utility bills is to swap out your old incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs last longer, are brighter and use only a fraction of the energy. Each bulb provides a few dollars worth of energy saving power every year, which adds up with you have a dozen or so bulbs throughout the house.

Unplug What You’re Not Using

That phone charger connected to the wall outlet isn’t doing you much good when your phone isn’t plugged in. However, it is still drawing an electrical current. The fact is, almost everything connected to a power outlet is drawing a current even when turned off. Your gaming, stereo receiver and TV entertainment center may set you back hundreds of dollars even when off, so consider unplugging what you’re not using.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If you happen to be in the market for new appliances, make sure to go with something designed with energy saving in mind. Look for an Energy Star logo on the appliance to determine whether it is a power saver or not. You might be surprised as to just how much energy a brand new washer or dry saves over what you currently own.

Turn Down The AC

There’s nothing like a frosty home when you come in from that Oklahoma City heat. The difference of one degree will save you three to four percent off of your energy bill, so consider easing up just a few degrees on your AC. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast and adjust accordingly.

Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great start at saving money as you can adjust it to treat your home while you’re inside, and reduce energy consumption while you’re away. A smart thermostat takes this a step further and learns your HVAC patterns and can even detect if anyone is in the house.

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