Maintaining Your HVAC System in the Oklahoma Heat | Airco

Posted on: May 25, 2017

Oklahoma City summers are hot! Add in the humidity, and your home air conditioning system becomes a necessity of life. Regular maintenance is important to keeping your unit ready for those long summer nights. At Airco Services, Inc., all of your HVAC needs are covered. Regardless of make, model, or year of manufacture, our team of professionals are here to handle your HVAC service issues so you can stay cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature outside.

Annual HVAC Service

Perform yearly checks and maintenance to keep your system running properly. After a long season, your HVAC system might have minor issues, like low refrigerant levels or cracks in the ventilation system. Sometimes larger issues develop. These issues can be corrected for less than it would cost to repair a fully damaged system. Regular HVAC service ensures you take care of problems before the hot summer months hit.

Upgrading Your HVAC System

We are here to perform any HVAC services you might need. If you are not satisfied with your current system, want to cut down on energy consumption or are looking to upgrade certain elements of the AC or furnace, we can help. Maybe you currently use a window unit and want to change to central air or ductless system. Or maybe your furnace is starting to get up there in age and it bleeds your energy bill every time you turn it on. Whatever the issue, our HVAC service ensures every part of the heating, ventilation and AC works at peak efficiency.

Summer Cooling Issues

The middle of summer is the most common time for needed AC repairs. The delicate mechanics in your unit work constantly to keep your home cool. Prolonged stress can lead to worn parts and malfunctions. A broken AC on a summer night can be frustrating. Whatever the problem, our service specialists are available to assist you.

With the Oklahoma City heat and humidity, you need a fully functioning HVAC system up and running. To do this, proper maintenance is required. At Airco Service Inc., our professionals are here to help. From annual inspections and maintenance to correcting major problems and installing new systems, you can always contact Airco Service, Inc for professional HVAC service.