Non-functional outlets and switches | Electrical Issues | Airco

Posted on: May 18, 2017

Most electrical system can serve you for years without experiencing any major problems, but once one crops up, you’ll notice it immediately. A good electrical repair service can get your wiring back in perfect shape, but how will you know when to call one? Here are some early indicators of problems to be on the lookout for.

Flickering lights

If you notice that the lights in your home occasionally flicker like candle flames, don’t dismiss it as just a passing cloud. It could be an indication of a power surge in your electrical system, especially if it’s happening to several lights at once. Plugging in large appliances requires massive amounts of power and can easily overload your electrical circuit, causing small power surges that can ruin your circuitry and damage your appliances. Your light problem may turn out to be harmless, but it’s a definite red flag; contact electrical repair service to come and check it out.

Warm or sparking outlets

Sparks emanating from your outlets when you plug in an appliance could be an indication of bad wiring. Getting professional attention for the problem is absolutely imperative in this case, as it poses a significant risk for an electrical fire. These fires are incredibly dangerous and spread much more quickly than you might expect, so you’ll get the best results by preventing them before they happen.

Repeatedly-tripped circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are a wonderful fail-safe mechanism intended to keep your electrical wiring from shorting out and causing disastrous harm to your home. Like any fail-safe, though, you don’t want to have to use it very often. Occasional tripping is normal and expected, but keep an eye on the frequency. If your circuit breaker trips regularly, though, there is likely a very significant problem in your somewhere in your wiring. If it feels like it’s happening too often, it probably is.

Non-functional outlets and switches

One of the more frustrating electrical problems is an outlet or switch that simply does not work. It might seem like a dire malfunction, but the problem is actually far from irreparable. Frequently, the trouble comes down to small defects like loose wiring and internal cracks in the plastic device. A good electrical repair service can easily restore your outlet or switch to full use again.

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