Find a Great Local Plumber Near You

Posted on: May 09, 2017

Do recent plumbing issues have you breaking out the waders? You need local plumbers to bail you out! Though there are many options available, not all are created equal. Where do you start?

Find local plumbers you can trust with these 6 simple tips:

  1. Look for licensing.
    Hiring licensed, insured plumbers safeguards you and your home against any accidents that may occur while resolving plumbing issues. A major reason why licensing is required to do most plumbing work in Oklahoma.
  2. Research references.
    Local plumbers with experience should be able to give you a list of recent, satisfied customers.
  3. Ensure an estimate.
    A written estimate protects your bottom line, as well as clues you in on payment details, such as up-front costs, payment plans, and whether or not services are billed at a flat rate or according to time and material. Keep in mind, however, estimates may vary based on the time involved for the service, in addition to the quality and number of components/fixtures involved.
  4. Warranties.
    The best local plumbers will guarantee their work – including parts.
  5. Avoid the anonymous.
    Steer clear of contractors with no street address, a post office box, or those offering services door to door and pressuring you to pay cash up-front. Long-lived, stable brick-and-mortar businesses are proven indicators of stability and quality of work.
  6. Pinpoint professionals.
    Local plumbers who belong to professional organizations such as the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractor’s Association (PHCC), American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), and even the Better Business Bureau care about their knowledge and reputation.

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