Professional Work Done By a Licensed Electrician

Posted on: Apr 27, 2017

Electrical work should always be done by a professional, licensed electrician. Whether you have an issue with an electrical outlet or are in need of a complete home re-wiring, a licensed electrician will ensure everything is done safely and correctly the first time. Improper electrical wiring can lead to fires or serious injuries from constantly fluctuating currents. No matter what kind of work you need done, when it comes to working with electricity, a licensed electrician from Airco Service Inc. is available to help.

Certified By the State

Every licensed electrical contractor goes through extensive training in order to receive their credentials. When you hire an electrician with a state issued license you know you’re going to have someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to complete the job safely and correctly. Unlicensed electricians do not have this kind of proof or state issued documentation. Someone without a license either is too lazy to go through the training and certification process, or they don’t have the skill and education, which puts your home and your safety at significant risk.

Insurance Coverage

A licensed electrician will always carry insurance. This insurance coverage protects you in the event of any sustained damage to your property. While this is unlikely, accidents can always occur when you least expect them. This is another level of protection offered to you by a licensed electrician, and is also one of the major differences between a licensed and unlicensed contractor. An electrician not carrying a license will likely not have insurance due to the fact that insurance companies will not issue coverage to someone without the necessary state requirements, as it puts the insurance company at greater risk of paying out. So, if your property sustains damage due to an unlicensed electrician, you’ll be left on the hook to cover all the costs of the damage. This is why it is highly recommended to hire licensed electricians.

Whenever working with electricity, it is essential to bring in someone with the proper knowledge. Electricity is a dangerous utility to work with and can lead to serious injuries and extensive home damage when not controlled correctly. So make sure your work is done correctly and safely the very first time by contacting Airco Service today!

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