4 Ways Rain Can Wreak Havoc on your Air Conditioner | Airco

Posted on: Apr 20, 2017

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” With the onslaught of heavy rains in the Midwest and south, your air conditioning unit can certainly get a workout during the spring. What you may not realize is that these common April rains can wreak havoc on your air conditioner. Luckily, with a little vigilance and ac maintenance, you can prevent a major problem from occurring

One: Critters

Surprisingly, it is not always the winds and water that can cause damage. Instead, its the other creatures attempting to avoid those acts of nature. When your air conditioner lies dormant during a storm, the box can be an invitation to critters seeking shelter. If you have not turned on your air conditioner in awhile, an animal could be living there. The materials used to create nests will jam moving parts. However, after the winter is over, perform a little ac maintenance by looking inside the unit to see if there are animals present.

Two: Debris

Strong storms are usually accompanied by strong winds which transport all types of debris that can become lodged in your system. Following any intense winds, perform ac maintenance by inspecting the unit for leaves, branches and other objects.

Three: Flooding

Depending on where you live in Oklahoma, your property may be subjected to flooding. A few inches of water should not be a problem but standing water over 15-inches could damage the electrical components within your air conditioner. If you live near a river or lake that commonly floods, you may want to place sandbags around the unit as a form of ac maintenance.

Four: Heavy Storms

Heavy rainstorms can bring hail and lightning. The hail can cause serious damage to your air conditioning unit when directly struck. Although it is unlikely that lightning will strike your unit, it is possible for it to hit your house and cause an electrical surge. This can damage your unit as well as electronic equipment within your home. To prevent this issue, install a whole-house surge protector.

If you are concerned about your air conditioning unit and need ac maintenance in the case of a major storm, contact the professionals at Airco Service, Inc. They can help you protect your air conditioner from Mother Nature.