The Dangers of Repairing Your Home’s Own Electrical System | OKC

Posted on: Apr 13, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with putting in a little work around the house – who doesn’t love that sense of accomplishment after completing a task to improve the quality of their home? However, problems can arise when it comes to utility work. Unless you have the technical training required to work with a utility such as electricity, opting not to hire a professional electrical repair service will likely result in more errors than successes and may even put you and your home in danger.

Risk of Electrical Fires

One of the biggest dangers in performing your own electrical work is the potential for electrical fires. These fires usually result from faulty workmanship like exposed wiring and improper connections, and they can start without warning and spread very quickly. Due to this, it is always best to play it safe and to avoid performing any kind of electrical repairs yourself. Using an electrical repair service will virtually guarantee that you won’t encounter this problem.


Working with electricity is dangerous, as any direct contact with the circuitry will channel the current right through your body. It may seem like a good idea to watch a how-to video online for installing new power outlets or light fixtures, but one error in the process and you may end up with a very serious injury. A single shock to the system can potentially cause your heart to stop. Most home electrical surges are not deadly, but it’s still not a risk you want to take.

Utility Charge Increase

Even if the job is finished without any immediate catastrophic issues, there is a good chance it isn’t as tightly done as a professional job would be. Do-it-yourself renovators often miss bits of exposed wiring within the wall. Even if this kind of a problem doesn’t lead to an electrical fire, your home’s energy will still be traveling needlessly through the exposed wiring, which means you’ll pay more in your monthly utility expenses than you otherwise would. The increase may seem minuscule at first, but imagine that recurring expense added up over the entire time you own your home – the final cost of these issues is rarely trivial.

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