Spring AC Maintenance to Perform | Airco Service | OKC

Posted on: Apr 06, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to turn your attention to the AC portion of a home’s HVAC system. You likely have some time before you’ll need to start cooling the house. You don’t want to discover a problem with the air conditioner once the heat of summer hits, which is why you need to perform some basic AC maintenance. This way, you can improve appliance efficiency and have enough time to identify and correct potential problems before the summer.

Replace Air Filters

Stay on top of your air filters – these should be replaced at the very least every few months. In Oklahoma, due to the drier weather, dust and dirt can clog the filter, so replacing it more frequently is recommended.

Clean Up Area Around AC

If you have an exterior AC unit, spring is a great time to clean up around it. Leaves and dead vegetation may have collected around it, and grass often can grow into the unit itself. Clean out all of this and remove any other debris you find. Just make sure the AC is off whenever you perform this kind of maintenance.

Inspect Windows and Doors

Spring is the perfect time to look for possible cracks in siding around doors and windows. Fill these areas in to help improve your AC’s energy efficiency.

Professional Inspection

There are certain maintenance tasks you can’t perform on your own. A complete AC inspection is necessary in order to ensure everything is in proper, working order. Ventilation is looked over to identify any possible cracks or leaking areas. The AC unit is inspected completely, with fluid levels filled and minor issues repaired. An inspection also helps immediately identifying potential major problems. Whether from a harsh winter or due to old age, different components of an AC will wear down eventually. It’s better to find and correct the problem immediately instead of later during the summer, when you really need your AC. AC repairs also take longer in the summer due to more people not performing their spring inspections. Airco Service Inc. can assist with these professional inspections.

If you’re in need of a full-service AC inspection, duct cleaning or if you’re considering a brand new air conditioning unit, Airco Service Inc. is your Oklahoma City specialist. So give us a call at your convenience. Our team of professionals are on hand, ready to assist in your HVAC needs.