Take Extra Caution With Electrical Repair | Airco Service

Posted on: Mar 23, 2017

Fires stemming from electrical problems are some of the most common throughout the United States. This is because a single faulty wire can touch off on insulation, wood and other building materials, which burn quickly. Electrical fires can be easily preventedĀ if you avoid any kind of electrical repair yourself and turn to the pros at Airco Service Inc. for all of your electrical repair needs.

Serious Electrical Problems

There are serious electrical problems you need to take care of right away. Some may seem like minor issues to correct later, so knowing when something is possibly dangerous is important. If you are unsure if a problem is serious, it is always better to be cautious and bring in a professional quickly.

Hot Ceiling Fixtures

Have you recently changed out a ceiling fixture and found it to be warmer than you expected? If you have incandescent light bulbs this may be the culprit, but if you have LED or CFL bulbs it means the wiring is growing hot. Turn off the power to this outlet and call the professionals right away to avoid a possible fire.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker problems are a disaster waiting to happen. If your breaker is constantly tripping it could mean there is a wiring problem somewhere, it is old and need to be replaced, or there is another problem all together. All of the electricity in the home is running through this device so make sure to play it safe and have it inspected.

Signs of a Problem

Does something smell like it is burning by outlets or switches? Maybe you have seen sparks when unplugging an electrical device from an outlet? These are signs of potentially dangerous problems that can lead to an electrical fire. Turn off power to these outlets and contact a professional.

When it comes to electrical repair, it is always best to bring in a professional. A professional can ensure that the job is done right the first time and prevent potentially dangerous situations. If you need electrical repair contact Airco Service Inc. today. We have experienced, trained and certified electricians who can answer your questions and make any needed repairs safely.