Seasonal Checklist For Your Tulsa Heating System | Airco Service

Posted on: Feb 14, 2017

When moving from winter to spring and summer to fall, you need to perform a seasonal checklist on your full HVAC system. While a routine inspection from Airco Service is essential in identifying possible problems within the HVAC system to prevent potentially catastrophic situations later on down the road, there are a handful of general seasonal checks you can perform yourself. After going through the checklist, you will have a better understanding as to the state of the heating and cooling system. You can also determine if you need to contact Airco Service Inc. for all your heating services required in heating services Tulsa.

Inside the House

Your seasonal checklist should begin with the thermostat. First, make sure it is working properly. Change out the batteries if you haven’t done so in the last year and double check the settings. If you have changed your personal or work schedule, you may want to alter the time your heat or AC turns on. While running through the thermostat settings, make sure the system start-up and shutdown is working properly. Swapping in new batteries should correct any minor issues, but if the thermostat fails to respond to any commands, it may be a sign to install a new thermostat.

Now you’ll want to clean out vents and replace the filter. Due to the amount of regional dust Tulsa experiences, it’s a good idea to replace your air filter more frequently than once a season (especially during the warmer months).

Inspect the fuel lines, connectors, heat exchangers and burners on your furnace. Make sure everything is clean, and there isn’t any soot built up or cracks running down the equipment. Contact Airco Service Inc. immediately for any cracks in the gas line.

Outside the House

Make sure to look at the exhaust outlets. If you use your chimney, it is better to bring a professional for this. Ensuring clean exhaust vents will prevent fire hazards. While you are at it, cleaning out the dryer’s external vent should be done to reduce the chance of fire as well. Your annual HVAC inspection will go further in depth around the entire heating system.

By following this seasonal checklist, you’ll get a leg up on any possible problems with the heating and cooling system. For your annual maintenance or larger repairs, make sure to contact the heating and cooling repair professionals at Airco Service Inc.