Plumbing Problems You Need Professional Help With | Tulsa & OKC

Posted on: Feb 02, 2017

Everyone wants to feel handy around the house. There is great satisfaction in accomplishing something around the house. However, if the job is not done correctly, it can lead to very expensive repairs later on. That is why you should contact Airco Service if you ever run into these plumbing problems.

Bathtub Not Draining

Clogs in the bathtub can turn serious. These are problems that simply won’t go away either. Over time, a bathtub clog can develop leaks under the tub, which may require a complete extraction and removal. Many of the most common drain clearing liquids can damage the pipes as the chemical mixture deteriorates the pipes as well as the clog. A professional plumber can help correct this problem.

Leaks in the Basement

Have you noticed leaks in your basement or utility room? These kinds of leaks may point to problems with your outgoing drainage system. This sort of an issue can go from bad to worse quickly. Failure to bring in a plumber can result in sewage backing up into your home, or even an eventual burst pipe. If you notice any kind of leaks in the basement, or an odd, foul smell, it is time to contact Airco Services.

Dripping Faucet

This may seem like a simple issue, but over time it is an expensive one. If a faucet is dripping, it’s costing you money. Over the course of a year, it can set you back several thousand gallons of water. There are many reasons as to why a faucet might drip. Some of these problems may be easily corrected, while other causes may require a bit more work. Either way, you need to correct a dripping faucet. Every second that goes by is a drip of your hard earned money going down the drain.

Frozen Pipes

There’s nothing worse than returning from vacation to find the pipes in your house frozen. While there are ways to prevent this problem from developing, if you find your pipes are frozen, you run the risk of the pipes bursting. A plumber can help prevent potential home flooding.

These are just some of the many plumbing problems you need professional help with. Contacting Airco Service is always recommended whenever you have a plumbing problem, these issues are signs you might have a larger situation on your hands. For all your plumbing needs, make sure to contact Airco Services.