Your Mid-Winter Heat-Preserving Checklist

Posted on: Jan 10, 2017

In Oklahoma City, using heating services is an important part of keeping your energy costs reasonable. There are several other things you can do during the winter to stay warm and cozy without breaking the bank.

The Candle Test

Any heating services expert in Oklahoma City would tell you that doors and windows are prime culprits for heat loss. A draft forms where a door or window is not properly sealed (especially at the seams). To find the source of a draft, take a lit candle and move it slowly over any potential gaps. The candle’s flame will bend or flicker near the unwanted airflow. If you find the source of a draft, you can remedy the problem by replacing the caulk or buying a new door or window.

Curtains and Caulk

To prevent heat loss, it is wise to caulk the trim of all your doors and windows. You should wait until a relatively warm day (preferably over 50 degrees) to apply the caulk because doing so helps it to set properly. When laying down the caulk, you should also look for signs of rot. Pay attention to any areas where icicles form against your siding, as this can indicate both heat loss and exterior gaps that are causing ice to partially melt.

However, using caulk is not all you can do. Curtains allow heat to enter during the day and stay in at night. Thick, multi-layered curtains maximize this heat retention effect. You need only remember to open them during the day, particularly in the south-facing windows of your home. Hanging a curtain, rug or thick blanket in front of seldom used exterior doors can also help your home retain heat.

Attic Access

While an Oklahoma City heating services professional may not go into your attic unless your furnace or heat pump is up there, you would be wise to take the trip at least once a season. Inspect your attic to ensure that the door is insulated and well sealed. Be especially vigilant to determine if any insulation has shifted or settled more than it should. Proper maintenance of the top level of your home will make keeping the lower levels easier to keep warm.
If you would like more information about how to keep your home warm during the winter, we would be happy to answer your questions. Contact us at Airco Service today!