Get Your Plumbing Ready for Winter | Winterize Your Home

Posted on: Nov 17, 2016

In Oklahoma City, temperatures usually drop below zero about 12 times a year. And with the winter weather on its way, it’s time to check your home’s plumbing. Frozen temperatures means frozen pipes. Working with local plumbers ensures pipes in your home are winterized. It is also your best investment against a plumbing emergency during the holidays!

Insulate Pipes

When going away for the holidays, you should set your heat at about 50 degrees, instead of turning it off completely. If your home is above freezing, the pipes won’t freeze in your absence. And though it costs a few extra dollars to heat an empty home, it’s much less expensive than dealing with a flood when you come home.

Any exposed pipes should be insulated. It will keep them from freezing and lower your water heater costs. Cold pipes cool water quickly, and more hot water is needed to reach a comfortable temperature at the faucet or shower head.

Water Heater Maintenance

When temperatures drop, water heaters work harder. Flushing removes debris and allows the water to flow freely. You also want your local plumbers to check the anode. Replaced regularly, it prevents corrosion inside the tank. You may wish to turn up the temperature a few degrees on the water heater, but remember keeping it below 125F will avoid scalding.

Garbage Disposal

Holiday meals require using the kitchen sink much more. And it’s already the most used sink in the house. Remind guests to run the water a few seconds before and after engaging the disposal. Pouring coffee grounds, grease, fat, corncobs, bones and other such objects in the disposal clogs the drain and can break the blades. Unless you are quite handy, when your disposal becomes clogged, call your local plumbers.

Call Only Those You Trust

Whether general maintenance or an emergency, you can always call on us. We take pride that we have been plumbers for decades and know all the best techniques. We are available 24/7, because we know that emergencies always happen at the worst of times!

Our services include:

  • Indoor and outdoor pipes
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Floor drains
  • Standard and tankless water heaters

Winterizing your home’s plumbing saves on water heating costs and emergency repair. Give us a call for an evaluation.