Most Common Electrical Repairs | Airco OKC

Posted on: Nov 08, 2016

Electrical problems inside the house may seem minor, but you need to take care when it comes to electricity. What may seem like a simple repair can end up becoming a large problem. Repairs should not be attempted on your own due to the danger of working with electricity. There are a host of different electrical issues your home may experience. Here are some of the most common problems you’ll likely run into at some point.

Dead Power Outlet

There may be nothing more frustrating than trying to use a power outlet, only to find out it is “dead.” Once the outlet no longer functions you’re forced to search out a different, nearby outlet. Some home owners just let this go, but there is a reason why the outlet is no longer working and it may be more serious than you think. Correcting the dead power outlet restores functionality while reducing safety problems.

Fixture Problems

This is along the same lines as a dead power outlet. Some fixtures may not work while others may flicker or produce less than optimal lighting. Once you know it isn’t the bulb itself, it usually means the electrical current is either weak or not constant. Having it diagnosed is easy to do, which should give you a few options. Best of all, with our electricians on hand, this might be a great time to have the recessed lighting you’ve been wanting installed. This way you correct the lighting and have the new feature you’ve been thinking about done all at one time.

Constantly Tripping Breaker

Does your power randomly shut off and come on without warning? This is a sign of electrical overload, but what does it mean if you’re not really running anything out of the ordinary? There are several potential issues behind this, so having it diagnosed and corrected is important. Whether the system is faulty or you just have too much electricity pulling form it, we can assist in correcting the problem and pointing out ways to lower your electrical use at once.

No matter what your electrical repair needs are, at Airco Service, we are here to correct the problem and restore your home’s electricity. So whether you have questions about current electrical needs or you need assistance right away, give us a call today. Our professional, certified and insured staff is ready to assist in all electrical repair needs.