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Posted on: Oct 27, 2016

Looking for a new way to cool or heat your home in Oklahoma City? If so, there are a handful of different options available to you. It really just comes down to what you’re looking for, what your budget is and even the setup of your home itself. At Airco, you can learn about different methods for cooling your home, each of which offers you a different set of advantages. So, instead of wondering what will work best, the HVAC professionals are here to assist.

Central Air

This is one of the most common cooling options, but the problem here is if you don’t have a ventilation system running through the house already, installing central air is costly, difficult and will reduce your ceiling space. So, if you don’t have central air or don’t want to have an extensive vent system hooked up, there are other opportunities available.

Mini-Split/Ductless System

This is an exceptional option to consider. This mini-split unit is installed into the wall of individual rooms. With such a system installed you can pick and choose not only what rooms receive AC, but you can adjust the temperature of individual rooms, which keeps everyone comfortable and helps you save money on energy bills.

Geothermal Pump

Now, this is a system that likely requires a secondary cooling option to give you an optimal temperature. With a geothermal pump, it pulls up cold air from underground during the summer and warmer air during the winter. It does drastically cut your energy consumption, as the remaining HVAC equipment doesn’t need to work very hard to make up the cool/heat difference. When it comes to going green, this option works.

No two homes are alike as no two home owners are alike. That is why identifying the best cooling option around for your specific home is important. So, whether you have questions about the AC installation OKC options or you are ready to enjoy a cooler home, give the professionals at Airco a call. You are just a phone call away from a cooler, more comfortable home.

There are several different cooling options for your OKC home. It is more than just a central air or window unit. In fact, you may find the best AC installation OKC course of action is something far different. Airco can help you identify the right cooling or heating option for your home, budget and personal needs.