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Posted on: Oct 12, 2016

If you plan to replace your existing furnace and you’re considering different types of heating systems, you need to investigate two-stage technology. The easiest way to explain how a two-stage furnace works is to compare its operation to a single-stage model.

Single-Stage Vs. Two-Stage Heating

  • A single-stage furnace has just one speed blower fan speed and a single level of heat output. When the thermostat signals it to cycle on, it runs on high until the target temperature setting is reached, then cycles off. Whenever the indoor temperature dips down again, the cycle repeats. This full-on operation makes a single-stage unit the ideal choice for extremely cold climates.
  • A two-stage heating system has a variable-speed blower fan as well as a dual-position fuel valve so it can automatically alternative between two levels of heat output. In milder weather, the furnace operates on the lower speed and only ramps up to high during cold snaps when extra heat output is needed. This versatility makes a two-stage unit ideal for the fairly mild winters we typically experience.

Benefits of Two-Stage Heating Systems

Investing in a two-stage furnace can bring you a number of benefits including:

  • Improved comfort. The full-on then off operation of a single-stage furnace produces a blast of heat followed by a chill during every cycle. In comparison, a two-stage model operates on low speed for longer periods, so the temperature in your home stays more consistent.
  • Quiet operation. Because a single-speed blower always operates on high, it can be noisy. Since it runs on low for longer periods, you’re less likely to notice any fan noise with a two-speed unit or hear the frequent “banging” sound that occurs when your furnace cycles on.
  • Better air filtration. Those longer periods of operation mean your indoor air gets pulled through the system’s filter more often, so it’s able to trap more particles that could potentially harm sensitive components.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency. In our climate, a two-stage furnace can stay on the lower speed setting up to 75 percent of its run time, so it uses less energy and you save on home heating costs.

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