Indoor Air Quality – Is Your Home Healthy?

Posted on: Sep 22, 2016


According to the American Lung Association, air inside your home could be more polluted than outside, even when living in an industrial area. When the inside is not exchanged with fresher air, it can lead to respiratory issues, especially for the young or the elderly. But you don’t have to live with bad air quality in your home.

Other Sources Of Indoor Pollution

  • Mold – even if not seen, it can be harming your respiratory system and should be cleaned. If there is any standing water, water leaking or the humidity above is 50%, there is a good chance that somewhere in your home, mold or mildew is growing.
  • Carpet / Furniture – with new furniture or carpet, there is a very likely chance the emissions from these are hazardous.
  • Chemicals – these have a severe effect; bleach, ammonia, or paint thinners. And keeping them in the attached garage is not enough. Contaminants make their way into the living space.
  • Air Freshener – an unlikely source, while cleaning odors in the air, it adds toxins.

Ventilation Techniques

Homes once were a little leaky and air from the outside naturally traveled in, but our homes are now tighter. With that, comes the degradation of air quality.

Opening doors and windows ventilates quite nicely. However, more often than not, outside weather prohibits this.

The Environmental Protection Agency explains that using the systems for heating and cooling Oklahoma City helps increase the air quality levels. Ventilation shafts may lead from the outside to pull air inside your home, which fall under mechanical ventilation. Some designs keep may even recover heat during the winter months. These are called air-to-air heat exchangers.

We Can Help!

Airco Service was established over 50 years ago. Through the years, we have kept up with technology for making a home comfortable and affordable. Through our heating and cooling Oklahoma City, we understand the types of systems and how to maintain them.

Being a family-owned business, we have never lost sight of professionalism, customer service and understanding the needs of our clients. Contact us today for ideas of creating a better living space for your family.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a challenge in today’s homes, as they are more and more air tight. Though more energy-efficient, it creates a haven for toxins to remain in your home. But we can help retain a healthy atmosphere for you and your family.